Christian Treptau

Christian Treptau - Managing Partner

Born in 1978 in Germany, Christian Treptau completed his studies in computer science in Dortmund and Essen. With over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry as a software developer and project manager, he has been a reliable partner for banking and insurance clients in the German market for many years.

In 2019, Christian took on the role of Managing Partner of BBHT Solutions SRL in Romania. He is responsible for Sales, Finance, and Controlling divisions.



"Our highest asset is the satisfaction of our clients. I firmly believe that honesty, quality, and communication at eye-level are the building blocks for a successful client relationship."




Andrea Treptau

Andrea Treptau - Managing Partner

Born in 1983 in Romania, Andrea Treptau completed her studies in Business Administration in Târgu Mureș. With an extensive background in both the Romanian and German banking sectors, she has been a dedicated Business Analyst and Test Manager for banking IT projects for many years.

In 2019, Andrea took on the role of Managing Partner of BBHT Solutions SRL in Romania, where she is responsible for Human Resources and Employee Development.



"Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. I believe in creating an environment where our staff can grow and excel, as this ultimately reflects on the quality of service we provide to our clients."


Andreas Heuer

Andreas Heuer - Managing Partner

Andreas Heuer was born in 1969 in Bremen, Germany, and holds a degree in Business Engineering with a specialization in Software Engineering. As a co-founder and managing partner of BBHT Beratungsgesellschaft in Münster, he facilitates the exchange between the Romanian and German branches of BBHT. Andreas works as a project manager and test manager at BBHT clients.




"BBHT's clients benefit from our ability to offer services both on-site and nearshore, all consolidated in a single location and delivered with exceptional quality."



Raluca-Andreia Dinica

Raluca-Andreia Dinica - Account Manager and Business Development Expert

Born in 1988 in Romania, Raluca-Andreia Dinica embarked on her academic journey, specialising in the domains of Advertising and Public Relations at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. Raluca is a seasoned professional in sales management, client relations, and business development, with a proven track record of collaborating with global enterprises. Her unwavering commitment to the German market has been a hallmark of her career.

In the year 2023, Raluca joined our team at BBHT Solutions SRL as Business Development Manager.



"Building and maintaining strong relationships is at the core of successful business development. I believe that understanding our client's unique needs and delivering high-quality solutions is the path to mutual growth and satisfaction."

Andrea Albiter

Andrea Albiter - Accounting Specialist

Born in 1983 in Cluj-Napoca, Andrea Albiter has had a remarkable journey in the field of accounting. With a strong academic background in Accounting and Finance, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BBHT Solutions. She plays a key role in maintaining financial records, overseeing budgeting, and ensuring the financial health of the company.



"Accuracy and integrity in financial matters are non-negotiable. I'm dedicated to ensuring the financial stability and growth of BBHT Solutions by maintaining precise financial records and promoting fiscal responsibility."



Mihaela-Lucia Grama

Mihaela-Lucia Grama - Recruiting and HR

Born in 1997 in Romania, Mihaela is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Human Resources Management at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. She joined BBHT Solutions SRL in 2022, where she leads the recruitment process and facilitates feedback discussions with our team members. 





"Treating people right and making them feel valued is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. We endorse a recruitment process that appreciates and acknowledges each candidate. Moreover, I firmly believe that each colleague makes a significant contribution to the team."


Our Philosophy


Together. Innovative. Successful.


Together. Innovative. Successful. – This summarizes our company philosophy and simultaneously serves as the cornerstone of our corporate culture. By embodying our company philosophy in our daily practices, we are molding a robust and prosperous future for our company.

Together - Unity represents the team spirit that fills our company with life. We understand that our success is based on the strength of our collective efforts. In our unity as a team, we see the basis for our achievements. "Together" reflects the awareness that together we can achieve more than individually. We create an environment where each team member is valued and supported to unveil their full potential. It encourages us to grow together as a team, overcome challenges, and celebrate successes.

Innovative - Innovation embodies our creative mindset and our ability to explore new horizons. We place it at the center of our actions, opening doors to new possibilities. At the same time, we remain agile to meet the demands of a constantly changing world. Our readiness for innovation drives us to exceed existing boundaries and seek better solutions. Our innovative power inspires us to address upcoming challenges in new ways and to constantly learn, leading our company and our customers successfully into the future.

Successful - We perceive success not merely in terms of immediate outcomes, but as having long-term, significant impact. We strive to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. This value reminds us that our success depends not only on numbers but also on our ability to bring about positive change and build long-term partnerships. By being successful, we contribute to our own growth and the well-being of our customers and employees.


Our Culture


BBHT Solutions SRL was founded in 2019 on a solid foundation, considering our principles: trust, respect, and loyalty. We are seeking employees for whom these principles form the basis of any good relationship, be it with family, colleagues, partners, or clients. Thanks to the trust we place in our employees, they enjoy a high degree of flexibility. This allows for an individual balance between professional and private life, as our employees take personal responsibility and act in a solution-oriented manner.

At BBHT Solutions SRL, we emphasize open and straightforward communication, supporting a flat organizational structure. This approach empowers our team members to actively participate in and influence the development of our company.

As a software development company, we place a strong emphasis on the cohesion of our employees. During our "office days", we take time for professional and personal exchange, developing new topics, and reflecting on internal processes. We organize regular themed company events, and activities to strengthen the sense of togetherness, both professionally and socially.

It is important to us that our colleagues approach their work with motivation and joy. We create the conditions for this by providing each employee with the necessary support for their tasks. This includes high-quality hardware, training, a positive feedback culture, flexible working hours, and much more. If you identify with us and are also interested in joining BBHT Solutions SRL, explore our career opportunities.


Coding Day
Coding Day at BBHT Solutions is an event aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration within the team. This special day is centered on learning and teamwork, featuring interactive sessions on different programming languages. Team members participate in practical group projects, which allows them to apply newly learned skills and work together efficiently. This event underscores the company's dedication to continuous learning and advancing in the field of technology, highlighting BBHT Solutions' focus on professional development and team unity.
Scrum Workshop
We regularly host Scrum Workshops that offer a comprehensive mix of theoretical learning, practical application, and interactive exercises. These workshops are designed to enhance understanding of Agile methodologies among our team members, while also building a sense of collaboration and teamwork. These workshops are part of our ongoing commitment to stay abreast of the latest developments in Scrum and to collectively grow in our Agile journey.
Sport Competitions
BBHT Solutions encourages maintaining an active lifestyle, which is evident in our participation in numerous sports events, especially those involving running. Engaging in these activities serves a dual purpose: it not only enhances the physical health of our team members but also strengthens the bonds of unity within our team. We look forward to participating in more such events, continually setting and achieving new milestones in both our athletic and team-building endeavors.
BBHT Dinner
We believe in the power of connection beyond the workplace. Our dinner events, held at charming restaurants in Cluj-Napoca, provide the perfect setting for our team to come together, celebrate achievements, and simply enjoy each other's company. These gatherings offer a delightful blend of delicious cuisine and meaningful conversations, strengthening the bonds that make BBHT a unique and vibrant community. It's not just about work; it's about creating lasting memories in a positive, inclusive atmosphere that extends beyond office hours. Cheers to good food, great company, and the spirit of togetherness!
Game Nights
We embrace the "work hard, play hard" mantra, and our monthly Game Nights exemplify this ethos. These gatherings are a cherished tradition where our team gathers at the office for an evening of games, laughter, and pure fun. It's not just about competition; Game Nights create a relaxed environment that allows everyone to showcase their playful side. These events leave us with lasting memories and reinforce the idea that BBHT Solutions is more than just a workplace; it's a community that values both professional excellence and the shared joy of coming together for some lighthearted fun. So, let the games begin!
Secret Santa/Shoe Box
The holiday season is not just about work but also about spreading joy and warmth. Our annual Secret Santa and charitable events add a delightful touch to our festive celebrations. The excitement begins as team members draw names for Secret Santa, carefully choosing thoughtful gifts to surprise their colleagues. Simultaneously, our charity event encourages us to fill boxes with goodies and necessities for those in need. These initiatives bring us together in the spirit of giving and create a sense of community beyond the office walls.
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