As a new Business Development Manager at BBHT Solutions, I've quickly realized that my role extends far beyond closing deals and nurturing client relationships.  

Scrum Workshop

In my journey through sales, I've learned that it's not just about selling; it's about really understanding what people need before offering anything. 

And comprehending our customer’s needs begins with understanding BBHT Solutions approach on the tech projects.  

To make this happen, I recently attended a scrum workshop at BBHT Solutions, led by one of our colleagues. The session was tailored for colleagues engaged in diverse projects and it mixed learning theory with practical activities and a lot of fun!    

It wasn't easy being the only salesperson among IT experts in the room. But my colleagues were great! They explained things in a way that made sense and used real examples, which made it easier for me to learn. 

Joining the workshop with the goal of understanding tech projects better, I was surprised pleasantly by how well Scrum's flexible and step-by-step approach also connects with what I do in sales. It was unexpected but exciting to see how Scrum's principles of teamwork and progress align with effective communication, both inside our team and with our clients. 

I‘ve learned a lot about prioritizing tasks and making progress bit by bit. In growing businesses, like in Scrum, it's crucial to find important tasks and keep moving towards goals. This is just like how I find opportunities in the market and make solutions that really work for our clients. 

The highlight? Learning how Scrum operates by building LEGO structures! Talk about making learning fun and crystal clear. Who'd have thought constructing a mini-city could be so challenging? Especially when some pieces went missing! Luckily, my colleagues were fantastic team players, quickly applying Scrum principles to assist.

Long story short, diving into the Scrum training transformed how I view project management. It didn't just teach me about IT and the technical aspects involved in our projects at BBHT Solutions; it showed me how I can make things smoother for our customers, adapting to their needs as things change.   

Cheers to new perspectives and learning adventures! 


Raluca-Andreia Dinica
Author: Raluca-Andreia Dinica
Raluca is the Account Manager and Business Development Expert at BBHT Solutions. Her extensive experience in sales management and global enterprise collaboration helps Raluca in understanding client needs and delivering custom tailored solutions.

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